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CEAL (Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership) Level 1

In today’s digital economy where the organizations are presented unprecedented amount of opportunities and cut-throat competition, the effective leadership has taken a center stage of all the businesses – small or large, start-ups or stablished, local or global.


According to a study by Harvard University, the 37% of the leadership development programs fail to deliver the desired impact. The primary cause is that the leadership development programs focusing too much on “what” and lack frameworks that can support “how”.


The M Leadership Framework from Enterprise Agility University offers a comprehensive approach based on the latest science and research, coaching leaders so that they can continue learning and leading their businesses.  Irrespective of your experience in leadership role, this course brings new techniques and paradigms to influence, lead, and mobilize people in the face of market disruption. It also offers solid foundations on enterprise agility, resilience and practices to re-align a company in record time


In-person Classroom: 5 Full days

Virtual Classroom: 6 Half days (6 Hours each)

Who should attend

  • Executives, CEOs. Leaders, Managers, HR, Team Leaders

  • Leadership Coaches or Consultants

Course Objectives

What Will You Receive

  • Understand

    • Current challenges of market strategy and implementation in your company and why Enterprise Agility is crucial

    • The need for advanced tactics that can positively support organizational readiness, responsiveness, and innovation

    • The characteristics of an adaptive strategy and how communication strategies and dynamic mobility can support a more flexible company.

    • The science behind a new kind of leadership style to build a solid foundation in you and the organization

  • Discover

    • How “M” framework can provide you with structural keys to rethink current situations and look for other solutions that support your strategy and tactics

    • The ways the brain works in the face of change, how this can influence decisions, and how to acquire skills to accelerate change when exposed to hostile environments

    • How to build a different kind of leadership charisma that enables to deal with difficult or complicated situations when the company face exponential market changes and challenges

  • Learn

    • How to realign the business in record time during a market disruption, and how to increase business value and innovation without compromising the psychological safety of employees

    • The way to support the building of a self-sustaining culture that enables the establishment of actions that deliver robust and enduring capabilities in the face of exponential change

    • The ELSA change model to enable the development of better communication strategies to accelerate employees’ alignment with the business and collective capabilities

  • A copy of the best-selling book “Leading Exponential Change”, 2nd. Edition, by Erich Buhler, to understand how change works in rresilient companies.

  • Access to the online Enterprise Agility Leadership Level 1 Masterbook that you will use during the course to empower your learnings, with exercises and key materials to help during and after the workshop.

  • Access to the Enterprise Agility World Conference 2021 conference videos to support your growth.

  • Access to our student platform. This will allow you to access articles on enterprise agility leadership, and to be in contact with other professionals in the field and job offers.

  • Two attempts at the Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership Program Level 1 exam. After passing the exam (75% passing score), the student will obtain the certificate.


Leadership Empowerment Matrix and The M Leadership Framework


  • Understand what an exponential enterprise is.

  • Analyze how exponentiality mobilizes or demobilizes the organization.

  • Understand the 5 types of agility, and the fundamentals of diversity in organizations, its complexity and opportunities.

  • Understand the Leadership Empowerment Matrix and learn more about yourself as you are exposed to market changes.

  • Get an overview of the M-Leadership Framework.


A2E Model and The Lighthouse Model of Situational Intellectual Humility


  • Understand the two types of thinking in stressful situations, and learn techniques to better handle unexpected situations.

  • Understand the A2E model to deal with situations that may be intimidating.

  • Understand the science behind intellectual humility and how it changes the way you lead.

  • Understand the Lighthouse Model for Situational Intellectual Humility and how and where to use it. (The Lighthouse Model is the first and only framework in the world for Intellectual Humility)


Minimum Healthy Step and The Collective Strategic Sensing Model


  • Understand what a Minimum Healthy Step is, and how it can improve your interactions with others.

  • Understand the three types of sensing and how they can increase organizational flexibility, resilience, and innovation.


Workforce Well-Being Sensing and Capability Assessment


  • Understand workforce well-being sensing to increase organizational flexibility and adaptability, and to quickly identify how an unexpected situation might affect people and how to keep your company healthy even during hard times.

  • Understand capabilities assessment to ensure the right skills are in place for an exponential change.


Mobilizing Purpose and People


  • Understand how to mobilize purpose to understand the various needs of the organization and people. (This is a powerful way to mobilize people in a sustainable way towards a shared goal)

  • Connect everything you have learned to the Minimum Healthy Step.


In the first 30 minutes of the last day, you will present an assignment on mobilizing people. This would be followed by a discussion to share ideas and reinforce what you have learned in the course. 

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