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20 abr 2021 - 24 abr 2021

CPRE-AL RE@Agile Training

  • 5días
  • 6pasos
Los participantes que completen todos los pasos recibirán una insignia cuando acabe el programa.


RE@Agile is a new CPRE-AL (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Advance Level) certificate by International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), Germany. Requirements Engineers are often at a loss when it comes to perform their Requirements Engineering (RE) work in an informal and fast paced environment. The situation often increases the project risk. This certification prepares you for taking on the challenge and make your project successful. This course will: Prepare participants for RE@Agile Certification exam offered by IREB, Germany • Describe agile values and principles, emphasizing the importance of RE work on an Agile project. • Describe the Requirement Engineer’s role on Agile projects. • Key principles of performing RE activities on Agile projects. • Explain Scrum roles and responsibilities, focusing on the role of the Requirements Engineer. • Define Agile requirements with user stories to build a product backlog. • Release planning: o Discuss the important role the requirements engineer plays in release planning. o Describe the steps in release planning. o Create a release plan. • Groom the product backlog: o Understand the importance of elicitation and requirements analysis in getting the detail necessary to build the product increment. o Use just enough requirements modelling to groom the product backlog. • Explain the importance of Scrum ceremonies and artefacts. • Describe the importance of and steps in a Scrum retrospective.

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INR 699.00


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